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Can two-photon scanning be too fast?

The following back-of-the-envelope calculations do not lead to any useful result, but you might be interested in reading through them if you want to get a better understanding of what happens during two-photon excitation microscopy. The basic idea of two-photon microscopy … Continue reading

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All-optical entirely passive laser scanning with MHz rates

Is it possible to let a laser beam scan over an angle without moving any mechanical parts to deflect the beam? It is. One strategy is to use a very short-pulsed laser beam: A short pulse width means a finite … Continue reading

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Gain and photons per pixel

In 2010, Labrigger wrote about how to measure the gain of a imaging system. As mentioned there in the comments, this was discussed in more detail by James Pawley in the confocal microscopy mailing list quite recently (following a question I asked to the list), and I was … Continue reading

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