I have posted a summary of blogs that are useful resources for techniques in neurophysiology (e.g. Labrigger).

Another list that I have posted focuses on blogs mostly about circuit and cellular neuroscience, with the topics ranging from big questions to focused paper journal clubs.

If someone with no neuroscientific background, but with knowledge of the German language wants to learn about neuroscience, I send her the link to dasGehirn.

And I like this clock.

The header image of the blog is based on a drawing by Sarah H. .

I’m currently working in the lab of  Fritjof Helmchen, which applies and develops imaging techniques to understand the brain at several levels: single cells, microcircuits and brain areas.

Previously, I worked in the laboratory of Rainer Friedrich, which uses physiological and connectomics approaches to understand computations in the olfactory system of adult zebrafish.

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  1. Dinu says:

    Wonderful clock ! ^__^

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