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Matlab magic spells

Most neuroscientists who analyze their data themselves use either Matlab or Python or both – the use of R is much less common than in other fields of biology. I’ve been working with Matlab on a daily basis for >10 … Continue reading

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The power of correlation functions

During my physics studies, I got to know several mathematical tools that turned out to be extremely useful to describe the world and to analyze data, for example vector calculus, fourier analysis or differential equations. Another tool that I find … Continue reading

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Spike detection competition

The main drawback of functional calcium imaging is its slow dynamics. This is not only due to limited frame rates, but also due to calcium dynamics, which are a slow transient readout of fast spiking activity. A perfect algorithm would infer the … Continue reading

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Matlab code for control of a resonant scanning microscope

For control of resonant scanning 2P microscopes, my host lab uses a software that I have written in Matlab. Due to some coincidences, the software is based on Scanimage 4.2, a version developed few years ago for an interface with a Thorlabs scope and Thorlabs … Continue reading

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Deep learning, part IV (2): Compressing the dynamic range in raw audio signals

In a recent blog post about deep learning based on raw audio waveforms, I showed what effect a naive linear dynamic range compression from 16 bit (65536 possible values) to 8 bit (256 possible values) has on audio quality: Overall perceived quality … Continue reading

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Reglo ICC serial port control via Matlab

For my experiments with zebrafish, I typically generate dynamic odor landscapes for the fish / fish brain explant by varying the speed of the wheels of an Ismatec peristaltic pump, thereby changing the concentration of the applied stimuli over time. Recently, I bought one of their digital … Continue reading

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A simple non-graphical user interface in Matlab : keyboard callback functions

I’m not the first person to be annoyed by Matlabs guide (a tool used to generate GUIs that, unfortunately, are difficult to understand and painful to modify afterwards). Some months ago, I was looking for a way to implement a lightweight user interface for analyzing big … Continue reading

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