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Fast z-scanning using a voice coil motor

We just published a paper on fast remote z-scanning using a voice coil motor. For 2P calcium imaging. It’s a nice paper with some interesting technical details. The starting point was the remote z-scanning scheme used by Botcherby et al. (2012) from … Continue reading

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Modulating laser intensity on multiple timescales (x, y and z)

In point-scanning microscopy and especially when using resonant scanners, the intensity of the beam is typically modulated using a Pockels cell. For resonant scanning, the dwell time per micrometer is not constant along the scanned line, and one wants either to … Continue reading

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Undistort/unwarp images for resonant scanning microscopy

For image acquisition using a resonant scanning microscope, one of the image axes is scanned non-linearly, following the natural sinusoidal movements of the resonant scanner. This leads to a distortion of the acquired images, unless a online correction algorithm or … Continue reading

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Point spread functions

One way to characterize the quality of one’s microscope is to measure the point spread function (PSF), that is the image that is created by a point source  (which can be a fluorescent bead smaller than the expected size of the … Continue reading

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Gain and photons per pixel

In 2010, Labrigger wrote about how to measure the gain of a imaging system. As mentioned there in the comments, this was discussed in more detail by James Pawley in the confocal microscopy mailing list quite recently (following a question I asked to the list), and I was … Continue reading

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Some interesting 2-photon microscopy papers

In the last few months, I built a special kind of 2P-microsope. In the meantime, I encountered some papers on microscope techniques which I found interesting and worth a side-note. Using AODs instead of galvoscanners for point-scanning: High-speed in vivo … Continue reading

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