Weblogs on circuit and cellular neuroscience

A couple of days ago, I discovered a list of neuroblog feeds managed by Neurocritic, covering almost 200 blogs in total. Out of those, I picked the blogs most relevant for circuit and cellular neuroscience. This excludes most blogs on cognitive neuroscience and fMRI studies, and also those that focus on reproducibility and publishing issues or on science career advice rather than science itself. I preferred blogs which are well-written and still active, and which cover more than the papers of the lab or person that is running the blog. I also included blogs that focus on techniques and neuroengineering (those are covered here).

I put letters in front to inform about some of the blogs’ contents: l is a blog run by a neuroscience lab. p discusses scientific papers (though not always in depth). c includes some focus on computational aspects of neuroscience. And b openly discusses not only research papers and technical stuff, but also big questions that a general public might find intriguing.

p Short and very accessible spotlights on recent research: https://spikesandbursts.wordpress.com/

l b  Neuwritewest is an ambitious project aiming at making neuroscience more accessible to a broader public. It features paper presentations, and interviews with renown neuroscientists (‘Neurotalk’): http://www.neuwritewest.org/

c p b  Lists of recent papers on computational neuroscience and related topics. Including discussion of big questions in neuroscience, by Romain Brette: http://romainbrette.fr

p c Critical and very detailed discussion of recent neuroscience papers, by Markus Meister: https://markusmeister.com/

l p  From the lab of Anne Churchland from CSHL. Good discussion of recent topics in neuroscience and journal club discussions of single papers: https://churchlandlab.org/

b  A blog by neuroscientist Anita Devineni about her work experience with fruit flies and about big questions and topics in neuroscience. The blog is nicely designed and very well written: http://www.brains-explained.com

l c p  Discussion of recent papers in computational neuroscience by the lab of Jonathan Pillow: http://pillowlab.wordpress.com/

l p  A blog dedicated to bringing up and sometimes also discussing paper (mainly preprints posted on ArXiv and bioRxiv), run by the Steve Shea from CSHL: https://idealobserverblog.wordpress.com/

p  A blog discussing important papers with a focus on the hippocampus, run by Jake Jordan, a neuroscience PhD student in NY: https://nervoustalk.wordpress.com/

c p  Frequently updated lists of recent neuro-papers, although without any discussion: http://compneuropapers.tumblr.com/

p  Diverse blog posts with paper lists, some fun facts and neuroscience, run by Adam Calhoun: https://neuroecology.wordpress.com/

c p  Discussion of papers and topics, ranging from AI over cellular neuroscience to science politics. However, not updated recently: http://neurodudes.com/

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